When was the last time you attended a training session that equipped you with skills you wanted to use for the rest of your life? Attendees at Juli’s Conflict Management and SAVI® Communication trainings routinely report that these sessions altered how they saw themselves, how they interacted with others, and gave them life-changing skills.

Conflict Management training provides individuals and groups with awareness of five different approaches to conflict and insights into when to use each approach. The collaborative approach (win/win) is taught in depth in a five-step process.  Students are given opportunities to practice each step and to apply what they learn to realistic situations. Students learn how to collaborate AND to retain their own individual verbal style. Breakfast with AIBA: Managing Conflict Better in Your Business and Life – YouTube.

Communication Skills training – The System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction® is a practical, easy to use tool to help people understand and improve their communication with others. SAVI® (pronounced “savvy”) helps you make sense of all the advice you’ve heard or read about being an effective communicator. It is especially useful in dealing with those recurring patterns of difficult communication when “talking makes it worse!” SAVI® is likely to be the last communication skills training you’ll ever need.

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