Meeting Facilitation

Don’t waste your precious time in ineffective meetings! Hiring an experienced professional meeting facilitator allows your leaders to fully participate, ensures neutrality at the front of the room and provides you with well-researched and creative activities to help you accomplish your meeting goals.

Juli is a strong, experienced meeting facilitator. She has successfully designed and facilitated important meetings at the local, state, national and international levels for as many as 300 participants. Her clients count on for her ability to create effective meeting structures, keep groups on task and on time, and respectfully manage group conflicts.

Creativity is one of Juli’s strengths. You can see it in her use of a broad range of meeting processes and powerful visual tools. She draws on a diverse array of techniques, derived from systems thinking, dialogue, deliberation and collaborative problem solving, to design meetings that are both productive and engaging.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on most important meeting outcomes
  • Keep groups on task and on time
  • Help groups make decisions informed by all points of view
  • Resolve conflicts within the group
  • Promote true collaboration and satisfaction with the outcomes